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Live scan is an electronic means of capturing fingerprints and palm prints in a digital format. This format can be then stored and transmitted to related authorities. ??

Gemalto Cogent's LiveScan Software offers the ability to quickly and easily collect multi-biometric and biographical data for offender booking, identity verification, and civil enrolment. 

The intuitive interface makes it easy to learn with minimal training. Workflows are optimized and customizable, allowing users to process transactions efficiently, so they can focus on higher priority tasks.

Users are guided through the capture process with on-screen prompts and graphical user interface displays. 

Quality live scan

The data entry process is simplified through the use of drop-down menus, not only speeding up the capture process but reducing operator error. 

There's more.

Real-time quality checks, sequence verification, auto-center and auto-contrast functions are built-in, ensuring the capture of high quality biometric images.

Part of the Gemalto Cogent LiveScan System, the software can be integrated into portable, desktop and cabinet configurations that feature FBI-certified 500ppi and 1000ppi palm print and tenprint scanners.

Gemalto Cogent Palm Print Scanner CS500p??
Gemalto Cogent Palm Print Scanner CS1000p?
Gemalto Cogent Tenprint Scanner CS500e?? 

? Part of the Gemalto Cogent LiveScan System, the software can be integrated into portable, desktop and cabinet configurations

?Live scan details?:

  • Automatic table updates
  • Preformatted data fields based on predefined lists
  • Configurable data i?nput features to meet state and federal specifications
  • Submission acknowledgement, tracking, and reporting
  • FBI-certified processing software
  • Capture 14 NIST fingerprint images
  • FBI-certified WSQ compression module
  • SMTP, FTP, XML and NIST interface module
  • Segmentation of flats into single fingerprint images
  • Quality check and sequence check module?
? ?

Live? Scan near me

Are you looking for live scan locations near you? 

Please visit our live scan fingerprinting web site and choose your state. If applicable, choose the government agency to which you are submitting your fingerprints. Select "Register" (or similar) for applicants.

Looking for your fingerprint results? Gemalto does NOT provide results to applicants. 

Please contact the requesting government agency directly for your results.